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  • How do I join?
    Our server is open for the public for visitation. For instructions just click "visit" at the top. To sign up as a builder just click apply at the top right or click "build" at the top. Hope to see you online!
  • How can I start building, what version and settings do I need?"
    Interested in joining the team? First you will need to apply. Click apply at the top right or click "Build" for more information. A reviewer or staff member will get to your application as soon as possible. An application can take as most as a week to process.
  • Does choosing an area mean I am locked to building in that area?
    No. Choosing an helps us determine where you will be building most of the time. While you are on the server, you are free to help the other builders with whatever you would like.
  • How can I register for Youtuber rank?
    Please contact us with proof that your YouTube account has over 1k subscribers. Once we get all that information you will be given the YouTuber rank on our Minecraft Server and on our Discord. With the rank you will be able to gain access to VIP areas.
  • Is Gaza a part of this build area?
    Due to the lack of data and usership from that area we sadly cannot support it at this time.
  • I need help but my question here isn't answered. How can I get in contact?
    In the bottom left on Desktop or bottom right on Mobile is a chat with us button. That can be the quickest way to get in direct contact with a staff member but our community is incredibly active on Discord where they are sure to help you with any question you may have. You can join by clicking the Discord icon at the bottom of the page. If nobody is available on either please use the Contact Us form on the "Contact Us" page and we will respond ASAP.
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