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Mount of Olives

Breaking divides between us one block at a time

Putting aside our differences and conflicts to build something bigger then ourselves. Providing a platform to educate people and bring people closer. Learn more below


About us


Founded in 2020, Build: Israel was created as a community project with the goal of building Israel & The West Bank. 


Our mission of "Breaking divides between us one block at a time" sits at the core of our philosophy. Our project has participants from around the world all working together to build this amazing land. 


We work with numerous partners and municipalities to help achieve our goals. Our project does not just stop online but we also have numerous projects and programs in person.

Full list of partners

Education through creativity


1. Fun & Engaging

Minecraft is the most popular game in the world. Kids enjoy the creativity and infinite possibilities of the game. Our platform builds on top of that, allowing teachers to provide an educational experience using a 1:1 model of the world. Imagine building what Ancient Rome may have looked like or Victorian London: the possibilities are endless.

2. Cost-Effective

Our platform is a cost effective solution. We work hand in hand with your representatives to work around your education budget while never sacrificing on features. 

3. Versatile Platform

Our platforms feature set allows teachers to adapt their curriculum to match their students' needs. 

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We are currently closed for renovations. Feel free to apply as builder to gain access before we reopen to the public and to help build.

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