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Celebrate the 75th birthday of the State of Israel

In the snow spray tournament in the Knesset

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About the Activity

Have you heard of the Knesset? It's the legislative body of the State of Israel where 120 elected representatives come together. While we'll delve more into the Knesset's important roles later, let's have some fun for now!

We've recreated the Knesset of Israel in Minecraft, right in Jerusalem, and added a snow spray war that's taking place in the Knesset square for the first time ever! Not only can you see what the Knesset looks like from the inside, but you can also partake in one of the wildest Minecraft competitions to date. There are prizes up for grabs, and who knows? You could become the snow champion and win the nation's greatest bobble-head for your table. So, what are you waiting for? Join us!


So what is going on?

This activity is only available for Minecraft Java Edition


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